Building Learning Power

At Carlton we aim to educate our children to take their place in society as responsible and well-rounded citizens who possess a high level of literacy, maths and technological skills.

We recognise that our children will grow up in an ever changing world and so we strive to ensure that our curriculum supports the development of children who can take risks, learn both independently and as part of a team and view themselves as lifelong learners.

We aim, through our curriculum to continue to raise standards across the school and exceed national standards in all subjects and key stages.

Through the daily delivery of the curriculum we are striving to engage all children in their learning and to encourage them to ask questions.

We are encouraging children to:

  • Learn how to learn (Building Learning Power)
  • Be confident and independent
  • Have knowledge & understanding of the world
  • Have maths & literacy Skills that enable them to access/research any form of information they wish 
  • Understand & express their individuality (strengths/weaknesses)
  • Communicate effectively (speaking & listening)
  • Have practical skills (using tools, reading maps, using computers etc.)
  • Be able to use and apply skills (maths/literacy) in other contexts
  • Think creatively (reasoning, questioning, making links, problem solving)
  • Understand the scientific method
  • Enjoy and value learning
  • Be inquisitive, curious and interested
  • Have ambition & motivation (work hard and persevere)
  • Manage emotions (taking risks/making mistakes/trying new things)
  • Be fit and understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Manage relationships (working with/understanding others)
  • Be reflective and learn from experiences
  • Think through and plan before they act

Building Learning Power

BLP believes that the core purpose of education is to prepare young people for life after school, helping them to build up the mental, emotional, social and strategic resources to enjoy challenge and cope well with uncertainty and complexity.

It believes that this purpose for education is valuable for all young people and involves helping them to discover the things that they would really love to be great at, and strengthening their will and skill to pursue them.

This confidence, capability and passion can be developed since real-world intelligence is something that people can be helped to build up.

School Awards

letsgetcooking2011  Camden award for inclusion 3As_Gold_14-16_RGB-achievement-for-all Food for Life - BronzePrimary Science Quality Award - Silver gold-award healthy schoolsEnabling-Enterprise-School-Kitemark-logoschoolgamesbronze

“The school is very nice and the adults are very caring”

Ismail, Year 6

“There are many fun and interesting lessons”

Anika, Year 6

“Carlton is very helpful: I learnt English in less than 3 months!”

Paul, Year 6

“Carlton Primary School is a great place to achieve an excellent career and future.”

Sufi, Year 6

“Carlton is a really enjoyable school with lots of fun lessons”

Maesha, Year 6
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