SEND Information Report 3: Specialist services and teams


Teaching and support staff work closely with relevant members of specialist services which provide support for our school. The services which are working in our school this year are:


We will always involve you in any decisions about whether your child has a Special Educational Need (SEN) and the best ways to provide support. If your child requires these services we will involve you in the process at every stage.

Specialist services provide a range of support including:

  • working one to one and with small groups of children
  • providing training for teaching and support staff
  • helping us to assess needs and plan next steps and review progress

The services which are working in our school this year are:

Specialist Service Frequency/Referrals Examples of what they do
Occupational Therapy / Occupational Therapists* (OT)

If a child is in the borough and it is on their statement / EHCP or they have been assessed as needing specialised support, then they will receive OT support in school.

Children are referred through the Single Point of Referral form (SPOR) online with the permission of the parents/carers.

The OT assesses referred children and sets goals. The OT creates a program to be carried out by the staff at school. This is reviewed regularly depending on the needs of the child. The OT meets with the SENDCO to discuss which children need OT support and at which level. They are able to attend parent meetings and all the Annual Reviews. They write a review report to show how a child is progressing towards their OT goals. They regularly contribute to staff development.

Link to Paediatric Occupational Therapy Services

Speech and Language Therapy/Speech and Language Therapists* (SLT)

Camden Language and Communication Service (CLCS)*

If a child is in the borough and it is on their statement / EHCP or they have been assessed as needing specialised support, then they will receive SLT support in school. Children are referred through the Single Point of Referral form (SPOR) online with the permission of the parents/carers.

If the SLT has assessed a child as requiring specialist SLT support they will allocate 1, 2 or 3 blocks per year of direct speech and language therapy. Each block consists of 4-6 sessions of speech and language therapy. These will usually be attended by a member of school staff so that follow up sessions can be offered by the school. SLTs meet with the class teachers and SENDCO to plan and review their support for both particular groups of children and 1:1 sessions. They are able to attend parent meetings and all the Annual Reviews. They write a report about the child’s progress towards their targets in each therapy block.

Language and communication teachers from CLCS support the development of staff skills and provide feedback and training.


Link to Camden Speech and Language Therapy Service information.


Children can be referred to the physiotherapist through the SPOR, via a GP or OT.

If a child is on the physiotherapy caseload, the physiotherapist may review the child in school.

The physiotherapist liaises physiotherapist evaluates the level of support and agrees with the parents/carer and professionals a programme of support that is then carried out by one of our Inclusion TAs. They may come in to check the equipment and to monitor the child’s programme.
Families In Focus Referral via eCAF. A family support worker will usually support the family in their own homes as well as attending TAC meetings in school.

Programme offered includes one-to-one work, mentoring, family casework, diversionary group activities, holiday programmes, individual support packages for children and families, and structured parenting programmes. Intensive family interventions and support to families with complex needs. Staff work intensively with families in their own homes to improve family and community life.

Link to Families in Focus

Families and Schools Together (FAST) Eight-week cycle, held in school after school once a week. Activity sessions for the family, including whole family sessions and separate parent sessions, as well as help for parents to develop learning at home and ongoing support at school and within the community
Camden Futures Referral from school via eCAF. Parent support workers will usually meet weekly with parents.

 Offers support and advice to families with significant needs, where the eldest child is aged between five and ten years old and requires additional support. May provide music therapy or art therapy.

Link to Camden Futures

TOPS (Tavistock Outreach Project in Schools) Referral from school through TOPS referral form. Psychotherapist will assess and make recommendations on support required – often involves weekly sessions with psychotherapist, parent and child.

A psychotherapist or assistant psychotherapist will work in school offering child, parent/carer or group sessions to provide assessments and therapeutic support to address a range of social, emotional and mental health needs.

Link to TOPS


Educational Psychologist* (EP)

Every term the SENDCOs and EP meet to discuss potential referrals and support work for staff.

With the permission of the parents/carer, the SENDCO makes a referral to the EP through eCAF.

The EP can support children’s learning in a range of ways. They may discuss a child’s strengths and needs with the class teacher and parents. They may carry out assessments and recommend some strategies on how to support that child’s learning. They can support target setting, monitoring and review of children’s progress.

Link to Camden Educational Psychology Service

School Nurse  Based in school weekly. Referrals are made via paper referrals with permission from parents/carer.

 The school nurse visits our school regularly. They support with medical referrals. They discuss with the parents and professionals any issues, concerns that may have arose and also provides feedback.

Link to Camden School Nursing Service

Camden Sensory Advisory Service/ Camden Advisory Service for Deaf children and young people / Camden Physical Disability Advisory Service  By referrals for specific children or children may be referred from health services

 Specialist teachers advise, support and monitor children with hearing or visual impairments. They support the school in understanding the child’s diagnosis and in making appropriate adaptations to the learning environment.

Link to Camden Sensory Advisory Servive (for children with visual impairment or multisensory impairment).

Link to Camden Advisory Service for deaf and hearing impaired children


Link to Camden Physical Disability Advisory Service

Primary Learning Support Service (PLSS)  Children are referred through and eCAF (Common assessment framework)

 Provides specialist help and assessments for children with emotional, social, language, communication and mental health difficulties. They may provide support with creating and implementing behaviour support plans and positive handling plans.

Link to PLSS

Camden Education Welfare Service*  Present at the school half termly. Referrals are made for Penalty Notices, unauthorized holidays and poor attendance. Meets with the school every 4 weeks including partnership work with school’s attendance officer and reviews all children whose attendance falls below 95% with the Inclusion Team.
 CAMHS Team – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service  By referrals for specific children through eCAF or children may be referred from health services.

 Support and assess the emotional and social and mental development of children* May work with the child individually, or with parents/carers and family. They may also provide advice to schools.

Link to Camden CAMHS


 MOSAIC – supporting children with complex needs  Referrals made via health professionals. The service may provide assessment and planning or longer term support.

 Integrated multi-disciplinary service for children, young people and their families with severe disabilities and complex needs, including sensory impairments.

Link to Camden MOSAIC

 Family support and Social Services*  Referrals made vis eCAF and may be made via a range of services working with children and families. As initial assessment will be made to decide on the level of support required.  A social worker may be assigned who will continue to make assessments and work with the family. Regular meetings will be held to monitor whether the family are making progress towards outcomes.
 Schools and Family Support Worker  The school inclusion team agree which families will be supported by the Family Support worker.  The family support worker will work with parents / carers in a variety of ways, may include parenting support programmes, family learning, providing advice and strategies, supporting families in accessing appropriate services.
 SCAS – Social Communication Assessment Service  Children may be referred via SPOR and accompanying SCAS referral form. The service will provide assessment and a one off feedback and planning meeting.  Integrated multi-disciplinary service for assessing and identifying children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) or other social communication difficulties.
 Paediatrician  Referral made via school nurse or GP.  Provides information and advice when our pupils have been seen in clinic or referred or assessed by special health, child development team (CDT) or multi-disciplinary team (MDT).

Each service has referral and eligibility criteria* -this means that service support is targeted on children with higher levels of need.

You can find more information about specialist services who work with Camden schools in the Local Authority website : Health and Care Services Section .

Will I be able to meet the professional who is working with my child?
If your child is receiving support from a specialist team, you will be able to meet a member of the team to discuss your child’s progress. They will always notify you via telephone and/or letter when they commence support. You can also ask for their contact details from the SENDCOs or Class teacher.


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