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Keeping our children safe

The school policy for all visitors coming to the school is to report directly to the office. Unauthorised access to the school is not permitted.  All visitors will be required to produce identification; otherwise they will be escorted off the premises.

We request that parents and carers do not allow visitors into the school whilst they are entering or leaving or leave the school gate open. Only the school office is permitted to allow visitors access to the school.

Use of mobile phones at school

The general rule is that mobile phones are not permitted in school. However if for any reason you need to give your child a phone it must be agreed with the head teacher first and only for year 6 children.

If a phone is brought into school, then it must be turned off and left and the office. It can be collected at the end of the day.

If any children are found with mobiles without permission, then they will be taken from the child and will have to be collected by a parent.

The school is not responsible for any phone not handed into the office.

Useful website links for parents

Click here to go to the Links for Kids page where you will find a whole variety of websites to help your child learn at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the school policy for taking children out of school during term time ?

Leave during term time is only granted in the following circumstances

  • an absolute emergency -where families need to travel immediately.
  • in a very special cases –this normally involves discussion with safeguarding ( each case is considered on an individual basis)

It is imperative that children attend school each day so all other leave will not be granted – all families applying for leave must complete a form and meet the head teacher.

2. What is the policy on attending dental and doctors appointments during the school day ?

We do ask that all appointments are made in the holidays where possible. However we do understand that this is not always possible –so we ask that children come to school prior to and if possible after the appointment.

We do also ask that appointment cards are shown to the office staff .

3. What happens if my child has an accident or becomes ill at school ?

There are first aiders on each floor who are trained to deal with any minor accidents or illnesses swiftly. If your child has a bump on his/her head or an accident that needs continuing care then parents/carers will be notified immediately. If your child needs to go to hospital you will be notified or an ambulance will be called if a delay is likely to endanger the child.

Therefore – it is vital that we always have up to date contact details for all parents/carers .This includes emergency contacts also.

If your details change then we ask that you let the office know.

4. What is the policy in children taking medication at school ?

If your child needs to take medication during the day then we ask parent and carers to come to the office where they will meet the first aid officer. Each parent/carer is required to complete a form.

Please note that this is for medication over as above asthma pumps.

5. Can I sample the school lunch ?

Yes all parents/carers are invited to sample the school lunch if they so wish – please ask at the office and we can arrange a mutually acceptable time.

School Awards

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