What the community says about our school

Parent Survey July 2018

We were pleased that 97% of respondents would recommend Carlton Primary School to another parent.
Over 90% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that:
• My child feels happy at school
• My child feels safe at school
• The school is a welcoming and pleasant place
• The school environment helps my child to learn
• I know how my child is doing in school
• My child is learning well and making good progress
• Teachers treat my child respectfully and fairly
• The school encourages children to learn at home
• The school makes sure children are well behaved
• My child has had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills
• The school is well led and managed
• I know who to talk to when I have a question, comment or concern
• The school communicates effectively with me

Challenge Partner review- December 2017

Pupil engagement in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) results in confident use of all activities to promote development. Children listen well and take turns.

Collaborative Enquiry June 2017 & Local Authority Standards Meeting – October 2017 with HT and Chair of Governors

Collaborative Enquiry June 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “Debates with other schools and participation in the English Speaking Board examinations have contributed to pupil’s confidence in speaking and listening. In all classes children were able to articulate their learning to visitors and to describe what they were doing with confidence.”

“One very striking aspect of the review was the calm and purposeful atmosphere throughout Carlton. Behaviour was exemplary, relationships a real strength and even the movement around this huge building was exceptional. Children were polite, friendly and worked co-operatively in all classes. Good learning behaviour was also seen across the school with children in all phases observed to be actively involved in their learning.”

Local Authority Standards Meeting – October 2017 with HT and Chair of Governors
A focus on developing speaking is having an impact, as evident in leaders monitoring and learning walks. All year 6 passed the newly introduced English Speaking Board Examination in 2017 with 25% gaining a distinction and 50% of the year group awarded merit+.

Michael Palin June 2016 Ham and High

“I think for a lot of children who have recently come to this country it’s really important for them to have somewhere welcoming for their first school and that’s what Carlton does really well and it makes me quite proud to be associated with it. It seems such a happy school and I’m trying to do everything I can to keep it going in that way.”


Ofsted 2019

In January 2019 the school had a short inspection which judged that the school continues to be good.

“Parents and carers are effusive in their praise of the school and .. leadership”

“Leaders are highly committed to ensuring that pupils achieve their best.”

“Pupils demonstrate a mature attitude to collaborative learning, even when the work is most difficult, supporting and challenging their peers to share ideas and explain their thinking.”

“The leadership team has created a culture of safety and vigilance that is embedded across the school.”

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Ofsted 2015

“Leaders and governors are highly ambitious for the school and its pupils.”
“Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs do exceptionally well because leadership of this area is outstanding.”
“The work the school does to keep pupils safe is outstanding.”
“Pupils show each other exceptionally high levels of respect and behave well around the school, for example playtimes and lunchtimes are calm and harmonious.”
“Pupils behave exceptionally well around the school.”
“Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make rapid and sustained progress from their starting points.”
“Staff work exceptionally well with parents. The parents inspectors spoke to were extremely positive about the school.”
“The school’s unwavering commitment to equal opportunities is borne out by the fact that different groups within school do equally well… Positive relationships are the norm in school.”

Email from Gunnar Pettersson (former governor of the school) who met one of our groups of children on a school trip:
“I’m writing to say how impressed I was with the children from “Carlton Primary School”. They were so enthusiastic, chatting away happily, but without making too much noise […]. They listened to the helpers and followed instructions really well, and they gladly gave up their seats when elderly passengers got on. Bright and sparky, curious and fun – it was a really good advert for the school!”

Parent of a pupil in Year 6 (who had been identified as having SEN up into KS2, no longer categorised owing to accelerated progress and age related achievement) said: “This school is like the John Lennon song – Imagine – all the people living life in peace… the world will be as one. What a beautiful school. Everyone belongs here. Thank you.”

Year 4 pupil, part of the Reading Gladiators Programme
“Everyone has a love of reading inside them- they just have to discover it!”

Emma Farkas – Beanstalk Reading Helper July 2017
I have enjoyed my time as a reading helper at Carlton enormously over the past 5 years. Every child is individual,  however , what is consistent is that each pupil is polite and eager and willing to learn. It really has been a pleasure to help them.

Francesca Cappelli (Camden Futures Co-ordinator)
“You are an amazing school and you should be really proud of the amazing work you do with so many families!” (July 2015)

Chris Wormald, Education Permanent Secretary, and Brian Lamb OBE Chair of Achievement for All 3A’s came to Carlton Primary School and said:
“I was delighted to visit Carlton School to see the great work being carried out by the school and Achievement for All – an invaluable project which is helping some of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children realise their potential. The great strides of progress being made here at Carlton Primary School just goes to show what is possible when pupils are given the support they need to strive.”



School Awards

letsgetcooking2011  Camden award for inclusion 3As_Gold_14-16_RGB-achievement-for-all Food for Life - BronzePrimary Science Quality Award - Silver gold-award healthy schoolsEnabling-Enterprise-School-Kitemark-logoschoolgamesbronze

“The school is very nice and the adults are very caring”

Ismail, Year 6

“There are many fun and interesting lessons”

Anika, Year 6

“Carlton is very helpful: I learnt English in less than 3 months!”

Paul, Year 6

“Carlton Primary School is a great place to achieve an excellent career and future.”

Sufi, Year 6

“Carlton is a really enjoyable school with lots of fun lessons”

Maesha, Year 6
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