Parent Consultation

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are coming to the end of our current School Improvement Plan and so are forming our school improvement priorities for the next 3 years.
There are 4 overarching priorities that will then be divided into yearly plans with expected outcomes.
Please find the priorities below or click here to download the PDF version.

How can you help?
It’s really important to us that we have the views of our parents and carers and so would be grateful if you could take the time to read through these priorities and let us know your views.

How can you let us know your views?
Send an email to by July 14th.
Or Pop your ideas into the red comments box by the front door by July 14th.

Our overarching priorities are;
Priority Success criteria/Evidence of Impact
Priority 1 To review the school’s leadership and management structure and systems to secure continuous school improvement The school has a robust structure and CPD plan that results in leaders at all levels (including governors);
-being clear about their role and the expectations.
-having the capacity to carry out their role to a high standard.
-being clear about the strengths and needs of the school.

The impact will be evidenced in the fact that all children will demonstrate a love of learning and be interested in learning new information.
Data will show that standards continue to rise.

Priority 2 To continue the drive to raise attainment across the school Children’s attainment across the school continues on an upward trajectory.
Gaps in the attainment of key groups are closed.

Robust SRSE means that any inconsistences are addressed in a timely manner.

The impact will be evidenced in that fact that gaps between groups will be closed.

Priority 3 To ensure the curriculum and provision results in all learners being ready for the next stage in their learning

The curriculum promotes high quality outcomes for all learners.

The impact will be evidenced in that fact the quality of teaching and learning across the school results in an upward trajectory of attainment.

Priority 4 To develop Carlton’s role within the 1-3-5 cluster

The school’s provision and practice is enhanced through being part of the 1-3-5 cluster.

The impact will be evidenced in the fact that the school will continue to be outward looking in order to provide the best for Carlton pupils.

School Awards

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“The school is very nice and the adults are very caring”

Ismail, Year 6

“There are many fun and interesting lessons”

Anika, Year 6

“Carlton is very helpful: I learnt English in less than 3 months!”

Paul, Year 6

“Carlton Primary School is a great place to achieve an excellent career and future.”

Sufi, Year 6

“Carlton is a really enjoyable school with lots of fun lessons”

Maesha, Year 6
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