The Curriculum




Year 1

Longitudinal Study – Seasons (sci board + floor book)

Marvellous Me – I am a superhero!

The Story TreeBog BabySci: Animals inc HumansDLC: We are TV Chefs          We are Painters      DT: Healthy Eating (porridge)

Geog: Local Area

Hist: Myself & Local Area

Art: Self-Portraits (Paint)    

Linked Lit: Poetry, Recipes & Instructions

Beegu – Letters from Beegu

BeeguLila and the Secret of RainThe Leopards DrumSci: Everyday MaterialsDLC: We are Storytellers (Lila            story final outcome)

           We are Celebrating

DT: Moving Pictures

Geog: Africa

Hist: Space Flight

Art: Africa (Sculpture)

Travel – Where shall we go?

The Snail and the WhaleJourneys Sci: Plants DLC: We are Collectors          We are Treasure HuntersDT: Vehicles

Geog: Transport

Hist: Transport

Art: Vehicles (Drawing)

  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 2

Ice – Polar Explorers

The Story TreeThe Emperors EggLost & FoundSci: MaterialsLiving Things (animal habitats)

DLC: We are Researchers

          We are Detectives

DT: –

Geog: Polar Explorers

Hist: Polar Explorers

Art: Penguins (Sculpture)

Linked Lit: Biog Shackleton, emails (digital explorer website)


Lets Play! Games & Toys

Man on the MoonTraction ManSci: Electricity        ForcesDLC: We are Astronauts

           We are Games Testers

DT: Puppets  & Wind-up Toys

Geog: –

Hist: Toys & games

Art: Toys & Games (Drawing)

Linked Lit: Biog Armstrong


Food – Who’s Hungry?

Tom’s Sausage LionThe Magic FingerSci: Health & Growth        Living Things (local habitats)DLC: We are Photographers

           We are Zoologists

DT: Bread:

Geog: Food around the World

Hist: Great Fire of London

Art: Still Life (Painting)

Linked Lit: Diary (GFoL)


  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 3

Dinosaurs – A Mystery

Into the ForestWhite Bear KingSci: Animals inc Humans (+ Teeth)        Forces (magnets)DLC: We are Programmers

          We are Bug Fixers

DT: Models & Toys

Geog: Fossils

Hist: Mary Anning

Art: Dinosaurs (Sculpture)

Linked Lit: Diary (Mary Anning)


Volcano – What happened in Pompeii?

The Pebble in my Pocket & UgVolcanoSci: Rocks        Plants

DLC: We are Presenters

          We are Opinion Pollsters

DT: Volcanoes

Geog: Active Planet

Hist: Pompeii

Art: Volcanoes (Drawing )    

Linked Lit: Stone Age comparison (debate & persuasive letter)     Volcano report, Pompeii Newspaper Report


Ancient Egypt – Tomb Raider

Varjak PawSci: LightDLC: We are Communicators                We are Network EngineersDT: –

Geog: Egypt

Hist: Ancient Egypt

Art: Ancient Egypt (Painting)

Linked Lit: Emails (topic people), Newspaper Howard Carter



  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 4

Chocolate – Building a  Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Sci: Animals inc Humans        States of Matter

DLC: We are Software Developers

          We are Co-Authors

DT: Chocolate

Geog: Fair Trade

Hist: Mayans

Art: Mayans (Sculptures)

Linked Lit: Explanation text chocolate,  non-chronological report crocodiles adaptation



Inventions & Machines

The Iron Man

Sci: Electricity        SoundDLC: We are Toy Designers           We are Musicians

DT: Electrical Inventions

Geog: –

Hist: Inventions

Art: Leonardo Da Vinci (Drawing)

Linked Lit: Da Vinci biography


Being British

The Wolf’s Footprint The Tinderbox

Sci: Water Cycle         Living Things (habitats)DLC: We are Meteorologists

          We are HTML editors

DT: –

Geog: Britain

Hist: Britain

Art: Thomas Gainsborough (Painting)



  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 5

WW2 – War is coming!

There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom

Billy the KidRose Blanche

Sci: MaterialsDLC: We are Cryptographers

          We are Artists

DT: Anderson Shelter

Geog: –

Hist: WW2

Art: War (Painting)

Linked Lit: WW2 poetry, newspaper article, Blitz newspapers + survival advert


Space – Expedition into the Unknown

Storm Breaker

Sci: Earth & Space        ForcesDLC: We are Bloggers           We are Game Developers

DT: Spy Gadget

Geog: Planet Earth

Hist: Space Expeditions

Art: Space (Painting)

Linked Lit: Blogs (comparison of book and film), Gadget instructions        


Ancient Greece – Odysseus the Musical!


Sci: Living Things & Habitats        Animals inc Humans DLC: We are Architects           We are Web DevelopersDT: –

Geog: Greece

Hist: Ancient Greece

Art: Ancient Greece (Sculpture)

Linked Lit: Non-chronological report on life cycles (chifchaf?), persuasive brochure modern Greece (website)


  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 6


FloodlandWolf Brother

Sci: Changing Materials        Water CycleDLC: –

DT: Wild Cooking

Geog: Mapping Skills & Survivor

Hist: Stone Age

Art: –

Linked Lit: Non-fiction report Stone Age, water cycle explanation, discursive report global warming


Art – What is Art?

Kensuke’s Kingdom

Sci: Light & Seeing        Living Things (various)DLC: App Project beginsDT: –Geog:

Hist: Artists and Art Movements

Art: Great Artists

Linked Lit: Artist biography, compare and contrast artists and styles on a theme


Victorian Children

Street ChildWay Home

Sci: Living Things (micro-organisms)SRE, Reproduction (Plants & Animals)DLC: App ProjectDT: Engineering

Geog: Victorian London

Hist: Victorians

Art: William Morris

Linked Lit: Scientist biography, animal report,  dairy entry, non-chronological report work houses,  Victorian letter of complaint, modern letter for preservation of local Victorian building (Carlton)

School Awards

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