Local Offer 9: Partnership with Parents and Carers


We know that the active involvement of parents/carers in supporting the education of their child is one of the most important factors in ensuring a child’s success and achievement.
Parents have a unique insight and knowledge about their child and we need their knowledge to plan effectively.
From our involvement in the Achievement for All project we have developed a style of working with parents/carers – for example, through a regular  structured parent conversation (SPC)*- which places parents/carers at the heart of decision-making about their child.What is a Structured Parent Conversation?(Taken from Achievement For All afaeducation.org)

It is a meeting between parents/carers and a  teacher. Your child might also be invited. A Structured Conversation will take place every term and will usually last between 20 to 30 minutes. The meeting is a two way conversation between parents/carers and the teacher where we will seek your views and these will be central to the conversation.

  • The first part of the Structured Conversation will give an opportunity to celebrate successes, for parents/carers or teachers to share concerns or think about what could be going even better. The you will agree shared aspirations for their child – what do you want your child to achieve over the coming year.
  • Then clear goals and targets will be set for learning and improvement in wider outcomes, such as attendance, behaviour, friendships and participation in clubs.
  • Together, teacher and parents/carers then decide on activities to help the pupil to achieve those targets
  • Then identify who will do what to help the pupil – in school and at home
  • Finally, the date and time of the next meeting will be agreed and decisions made about how to keep in touch between meetings

We will always involve parents and children in planning and reviewing progress.
We communicate clearly and regularly with parents and carers of children with SEN/D about, for example:

  • how we support their children
  • their achievements and their well-being and
  • their participation in the full life of our school

We will also help and advise parents/carers on how to help their children make progress at home, for example in mathematics and reading.


We welcome and value feedback – for example on Parent View – on how well we are working with our parents.

We try to communicate in plain English and have several bi-lingual staff who can offer translation and interpretation services in …. Somali, French, Albanian, Bengali, Arabic and Urdu.

Who do I talk to in the school if I have questions about my child’s SEN?

The first person to talk to is your child’s Class Teacher who will always be happy to meet you, listen to your concerns and discuss how well your child is making progress in day to day lessons; about friendships and personal development.
How do I raise concerns about my child?

If you have questions or concerns about the particular Special Educational Needs of your child, the school’s SENDCO Luma Abdulla will listen to your concerns, explain the different ways in which the school supports your child and when possible and appropriate come to an agreement about changes to provision and/or support.It will also be possible to meet members of the specialist services who are working with your child – the SENDCO will organise this meeting.
How will you make sure I am involved in planning and reviewing?

We review every child’s progress each term and we will invite you to come to the school to discuss progress with the SENDCOs / Class Teacher. The SENDCOs keep a careful record of all meetings and an overview of records, provision and the progress of your child.
What can I reasonably expect from the school?

We will involve you when we are assessing your child’s needs, when we are planning support and when we are reviewing progress. We make sure we tell you what is happening in terms of support for your child and how well he/she is progressing. We keep records of our work with children with SEND which you can look at and contribute to. We call this your child’s ‘My Plan’.
Where can I find information about how the school works in partnership with parents and carers of children with SEN/D?

You will find information and support in several places, for example:


You will also find lots of information about how different services in Camden provide help and support to children with SEN/D and their parents on Camden Local Offer web site.

How can you help me to help my child at home?

We provide training on early Reading, Building Learning Power (BLP), Family Learning, Mathematics, Oxford Owl, Higher Attainers & Gifted Learners, Internet Safety, Healthy Eating ….. and send home spellings weekly, reading books daily, number bonds and time tables.
Is there a special service in Camden that supports and advises parents about issues such as assessment and provision?

Yes. It’s called SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service . Formerly known as Parent Partnership Service). It is funded by Camden Local Authority but is totally independent in terms of giving advice. You will find information on the website SENDIASS Camden.

The person in charge of the service is Julie Bidgway
Email = SENDIASS@camden.gov.uk
Tel number = 020 7974 6264

What if I am unhappy about my child’s provision or progress?

We always work hard to make sure that our parents are happy with what we provide for their child. However, we will address worries, concerns and complaints as soon as possible through face to face meetings where we will listen carefully to your concerns.

If you feel that we have not been able to address your concerns satisfactorily, we have a complaints policy and procedure that you will find on our website or from our office.

Information on Complaints:
Here at Carlton Primary School it is our vision that special needs provision is most successful when the school, pupils and parents work in partnership. However if there are queries or concerns raised the SENDCO should be informed as soon as possible, as an informal discussion can often alleviate the concern and the appropriate intervention can be put into place or the situation rectified.

Following this consultation, if the situation is not resolved the parent/carer should contact the Deputy Head Ms Georgina Harcourt-Brown (responsible for Inclusion).
If the situation is still not successfully resolved, it is advised that the parent/carer should contact the Head Teacher, Ms Jacqueline Phelan.
If the matter is still not resolved, it is advised the parent/carer should send in a written complaint to the SEN Link Governor Mr Yiannos Theodoridis.
If there is still an unsatisfactory outcome the parent/carer will be advised to contact the Special Educational Needs Department at Camden and follow its complaints procedure.

If you would prefer to speak to an independent adviser, you may wish to talk to Camden SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service).


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