SEND Information Report 5: Progress Review


It is very important for our school that ALL of our children enjoy success and achievement and make good progress in learning and development. For pupils with SEND, we use the information we have about each child to plan an individual programme of support. We develop this in partnership with parents and the child – working with the SENDCO, the class teacher and other professionals who may be supporting the child. This plan will include short term targets and will describe how we will support your child to achieve these targets. Here is an example of Carlton’s My Plan: One document that holds the key information around pupils with additional needs. It is divided into sections:1) A pupil passport, reflecting the child’s views, to share information about them and their learning with others. 2) A provision map-detailing what current support the child is receiving, their targets for the school year, and further detail around specific learning interventions. 3) Outcomes – a record of outcomes we aim for the child to achieve, support needed to achieve these and a review of progress. 4) Structured Parent Conversation form-A record of detailed meetings between the class teacher and parent, including shared home-school targets. 5) A record of interventions your child has received over the year – this is any support that is additional or different to that which is generally provided for children of the same age.Once a term we review all children’s progress – including those with SEND. We call this our Pupil Progress Meeting.Three times a year, we arrange a structured parent conversation (SPC)* with parents of children with a SEND to discuss about how well she/he has progressed: we will agree new targets and sometimes different ways of supporting, for example, a small reading group with a trained member of staff. If you would like to talk about your child at any other point in the year this can be arranged directly with the class teacher.

We make sure that parents/carers know the next steps for learning for their child.

We will report formally twice a year on the progress of all children, including those with SEND and for some pupils we will provide more frequent reports. At Carlton we provide you with a mid year report in March. This includes aimed levels and next steps for your child to work on over the second half of the year. We also provide an end of year report in July.


What should I do if I am worried about how my child is progressing and how often will I be able to discuss my child’s progress?

You will be able to meet your child’s Class Teacher each term at the Structured Parent Conversation (SPC) meetings where we discuss your child’s progress. If you have concerns and worries about your child please contact your Class Teacher and we will arrange a meeting to discuss these concerns. You can also arrange to meet with the SENDCo. We can respond to particular questions over the phone or by email if you would find this helpful –
What are the triggers for additional needs?

The triggers for identification of additional needs or SEND could be that, despite receiving an individualised programme and/or concentrated support, the pupil:

  • continues to make little or no progress in specific areas over a long period.
  • continues working at substantially below the standard expected of pupils of similar age.
  • continues to have difficulty in developing literacy and mathematics skills.
  • has social, emotional or mental health difficulties which substantially and regularly interfere with their own learning or that of the class group, despite having an individualised behaviour support plan*.
  • has sensory or physical needs, and requires additional specialist equipment or regular advice or visits, providing direct intervention to the pupil or advice to the staff, by a specialist service.
  • has an ongoing communication or interaction difficulty that impedes the development of social relationships and cause substantial barriers to learning.


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