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Remember to finish last week’s homework if you haven’t already. Also, remember to do your home learning projects, reading and spellings!

Rec/Year 1 Homework by week
Guidelines for ReceptionHome learning Project for Year 1Guidelines for Year 1

Due date Rec/Y1 Homework
12/01/18 Maths: D7, D8, D9, D10
English: B1, B2
9/3/18 Maths: R11
English: N1, N2
16/3/18 Maths: Rec – J1, J2 and Y1 – R1, R7
English: Rec – A1, A2 and Y1 – H1, H2
23/3/18 Maths: Rec – B6, B7 and Y1 – F3, F4
29/3/18 Maths:
Reception: J1 J2 and Year 1: V1 V2 V5 V6
Reception: E1 E2 and Year 1: H5 H6
13/10/17 Maths: I3
English : K1
10/11/17 Maths: C1-C6
8/12/17 Maths
Subtraction to 5 ( O.1 – O.5)
Subtraction to 10 ( P.1 – P.2)
Alphabet (B.1 – B.3​)
5/1/18 Finish all previous homework

Year 2 Homework by week
Home learning Project for Year 2Guidelines for Year 2

Due date Y2 Homework
27/4/18 Maths Y1 – E6, E8 and Y2 – J2, J3
English Y1 – M4, M5 and Y2 – D8, D9
4/5/18 Maths Y1: P10, P12 and  Y2 : H12, H19
English Y1: M6, P3 and  Y2 : D18, D19
18/5/18 Maths: Y1 – F5, F2 and Y2  – Z2, Z5
English: Y1 – O2, O 1 and Y2 – H1, H 2
25/5/18  Maths: Y1 – C22, C23 and Y2 – Q3, Q4
English: Y1 – P4, P5 and Y2 – D13, D14
15/06/18 Maths: Y1- R7, R8 and Y2 – R10 R11
English: Y1- I24, I25 and Y2- D15, D16
22/6/18 Maths: Y1 R9, R11 and Y2 – W19, W20,
English: Y1 – I21, I22 and Y2 – L6, L7
12/1/18 Maths: Y1 – G2, D8 and Y2 G4, I1
English: Y1 – H6, H8 and Y2 – H1, J2
19/1/2018 Maths: Year1-P3, P4 and Year2-H4, H8
English: Year1-F1, F2 and Year2-I4, F5
26/01/2018 Maths: Year 1 – P7, P8 and Year 2 – M1, M2
English: Year 1 – H5, M9 and Year 2 – D16, D17
2/2/18 Maths: Y1 – Q1, Q2 and Y2 – M3, M4
English: Y1 – G2, G3 and Y2 – L4, L5
9/2/18 Maths: Year 1 practice Z3, Z4
Year 2 Y2, Y6
English: Year 1 practice K2, K4
Year 2 L9, L10
2/3/18 Maths: Y1 – AA2, AA3 and Y2 – Y3, Y7
English: Y1 – I8, I10 and Y2 – B8, B9
16/3/18 Maths: Y1 – E2, E3 and Y2 – X5, X7
English: Y1 – N1, M10 and Y2 – D12, D14
23/3/18 Maths: Y1 – R2, R10 and Y2 – W2, W11
English: Y1 – L3, L4 and Y2 – A9, A10
20/3/18 Maths: Y1 – H8, W8 and Y2 – N7, V1
English: Y1 – M1, M2 and Y2 – L2, L6
6/10/17 Maths: Year 1 practice C3 + C6
Year 2 – A12 + A13

English: Year 1 practice F3
Year 2 – D1 + D2

13/10/17 Maths: Year 1 practice C11 and C12,
Year 2 practice D4 and D7

English: Year 1 practice B6 and B8,
Year 2 practice I3 and B2

20/10/17 Maths: Year 1 practice C4 and I5,
Year 2 practice I3 and D10English: Year 1 practice G5 and P2,
Year 2 practice D13 and M3
10/11/17 Maths: Year 1 practice W 1 and W 6
Year 2 N1 and N2
English Year 1 practice K1 and K5
Year 2: B5 and J3
5/1/18 Finish all previous homework

Year 3 Homework by week
Home learning Project for Year 3Guidelines for Year 3

Due date Y3 Homework
08/06/18 English: D2
Maths: P2, U3
27/4/18 Time Q5, Q13
English: F8
12/01/18 Maths: L.15
English: D.8
26/01/18 Maths: L.15
English: I.1
19/02/18 Maths: BB1
9/3/18 Maths: W5
English: J3
6/10/17 Year 3 Maths: M1 and M2
Year 3 English: H1
13/10/17 Maths: I1 add multiples of 100
English: D17 verbs
20/10/17 Maths T5
English: E1 Articles
3/11/17 Maths: T5, T8, N2
English: Verbs practice! D1, D2
 24/11/17  Maths: W1
 1/12/17  Maths BB.1 (Multiplication Sentences)

English F.4 (Adjectives)
8/12/17 Maths: A2 + A8
English: B3
5/1/18 Finish all previous homework

Year 4 Homework by week
Home learning Project for Year 4Guidelines for Year 4

Due date Y4 Homework
27/4/18 Y4 Maths: S.1, S.2, S.3, S.4.
Y4 English: D.10, D.11, D.12.
4/5/18 Y4 Maths: C5, C6, C7, C8
Y4 English: D13, D14, D15
25/5/18 Y4 Maths:H.10, H.11, M.5, M.6
Y4 English:D.16, D.17​
8/6/18 Y4 Maths:Z.4, Z.5
Y4 English:D.18, D.19, D.20​
15/6/18 Y4 Maths: AA1, AA2
Y4 English: A1, A2, A3
22/6/18 Y4 Maths:U1, U2
Y4 English: A4, A5
29/6/18 Y4 Maths: U5, U6
Y4 English: A4, A5 (same as last week)
6/06/18 Y4 Maths: U1, U2
Y4 English: A6, A7
12/01/18 Make sure you have finished everything that has been set already, then do
Maths: CC1, CC2, CC3
English: B6, B7, B8
19/01/18 Make sure you have finished everything that has been set already, then do
Maths: CC4, CC5, CC6
26/01/2018 Maths: CC10, CC11, D1, D2
English: E1, E2, E3
2/2/18 Maths: D3, D4, D5
English: C2, C3, C4
9/2/18 Maths: W.1, W.2, W.3, W.4
If these are too challenging, look at the Y3 GEOMETRY activities.
English: F1-F5
19/02/18 Maths: W11-W14.
If too complicated, try Year3 GEOMETRY
2/3/2018 Maths: Y6-Y12
If this is too challenging, then try Year 3 FRACTIONS
09/3/18 Maths: E5-E8
English: J2, J3, J4
16/3/18 Maths: G.6, G.7, G.8, G.9, G.15, G.16
English: F.6, F.7, F.8​
23/3/18 Maths: X1, X2, X3
English: F9, F10
29/3/18 Maths: X4, X5, X6
English: D1, D2, D3
6/10/17 Make sure you have finished everything that has been set already, then do
Maths: C.1-4
If these are too challenging, look at the Y3 Subtraction activities.
English: B.1-4
13/10/17 Maths: C.11 and C.15
20/10/17 Maths:
T.5, 6, 9, 10
If you think you need a bit more practise before you do these, you can go back to Year 3 Maths Q.1 to Q.4.​
03/11/17 Maths: T.7, T.8, T.12
If you think you need a bit more practice before you do these, you can go back to Year 3 Maths and look at the Q section.
English: I.1, I.2​
10/11/17 Maths: Y.1, Y.2, Y.3
If you think you need a bit more practice before you do these, you can go back to Year 3 Maths and look at the W section.
English: G.1, G.2, G.3, G.4​
17/11/17 Maths: Y.16 + Y.17 + Y.18 (Y3 W section if you need extra help)
English: I.1 + I.2
24/11/17  Maths: M.3, M.4
English: E.1, E.2, E.3
 1/12/17  Maths: E1, E2, E3, E4, H1, H3, H4
8/12/17 Maths: Fractions: Y.1, Y.2, Y.3, Y.4, Y.5
If you think you need a bit more practise before you do these, you can go back to Year 3 Maths W.1 to W.5.
15/12/17 Maths: U9, U10, U11, U12
English: N1, N2, N3
5/1/18 Make sure you have finished everything that has been set already, then do –
Year 4 Maths:
Please make sure you have finished [and done well in] the whole of the Time section.Year 4 English:
Please finish the whole of the Sentence Structure section.Home learning Project: Y4 HLP Xmas holiday

Year 5 Homework by week
Home learning Project for Year 5Guidelines for Year 5Maths Curriculum Map for Home Learning for Year 5

Due date Y5 Homework
15/6/18 Maths – any modules on Adding/Subtracting/Multiplying Fractions
English – any modules on Commas and Semicolons
22/6/18 Maths: Multiplying Fractions
English: Articles and Root Words.
26/01/18 Remember that if the Year 5 material is too difficult for you, do not hesitate to try the Year 3 or 4. Try to find the level that is right for you – not too easy but not too hard.
Maths: multiplication and division
English: Noun phrases, Prepositional phrases and Subordinating conjunctions
9/3/18 Maths: All modules on Time
English: All modules on sentence Structure
Do not hesitate to try other year group work to find the correct level of challenge for you.
6/10/17 MATHS – Number Properties
Year 3 – L1 – L15
Year 4 – B1 – B9
Year 5 – A1 – A17ENGLISH – Sentence Structures & Nouns
A1 – A2
B1 – B4
13/10/17 MATHS – Addition and Subtraction
Year 5 – keep working through A1 – A17ENGLISH – Sentence Structures and Parenthesis
A3 – A4
20/10/17 Y5 Maths: Addition B1 – 9
Subtraction C1 – 7
Y5 English: Plurals B5 – 13
Pronouns C1 – 11
Y4 Maths Addition C1 – 16
Subtraction D1 – 10
Y4 English Plurals B5 – 11
​Pronouns C1 – 8
Y3 Maths: 2 Digit Addition G1 – 14
2 Digit​ Subtraction H1 – 12
Y3 English: Plurals B6 – 13
6/11/17 Maths – Fractions
Y5 S1 – S17
Y4 Z1 – Z5 and AA1 – AA7
Y3 W1 – W21
Y5 F1 – F13, D1 – D26
Y4 F1 – F10, D1 – D20
Y3 F1 – F9, D1 – D22
13/11/17 Maths – Fractions
Y5 T1 – T16 and U1 – U11
Y4 BB1 – BB7 and Y1 – Y21
Y3 X1 – X6 and Y1 – Y6English
Y5: G1 – G4, H1 – H4, I1 – I2
Y4: G1 – G4, H1 – H4, I1 – I2
Y3: G1 – G2, ​I1 – I5
 24/11/17 Maths:  Children are to focus on all Multiplication modules – multiplication only NOT division.English:  Children are to focus on all modules the look at using Past, Present, Future tense.
8/12/17 Maths: Please complete any unfinished work on multiplication/division and factors/multiples
English: Please finish tasks on relative and subordinate clauses.
5/1/18 Finish all previous homework


Year 6 Homework by week
Home learning Project for Year 6Guidelines for Year 6

Due date Y6 Homework
Year 6 have worked hard preparing for their SATs exams.
This term, please only complete the home learning project.
12/01/18 Practice ESB:
1.Memorising your Poem,
2. Reading from your reading book and
3. Preparing your presentation
19/01/18 Maths: V3-V7, BB3, BB4
English: B3, B4, B5 and D2, D3
Optional: English O1, O2 and Maths A1-A5
26/01/18 Maths: H3, H4, I3, A3, O3
English: Year 5 E1, E2, E3
English: Year 6 M7, N1
Optional: Maths U1, English J5, J8 Spelling
2/2/18 Maths: Yr6- J7, J8, J9, X3, X6, X7, O4
English: Yr6- I3, Yr4- N12, A1, K8
Optional: Yr5- N1, N4.
2/3/18 Work on your SATS Companion – no IXL for the moment
Easter holiday complete the next tests that are set on the SATS Companion website https://mysats.satscompanion.com/dashboard​ and continue completing revision activities in areas (of maths, grammar and reading) they are finding tricky.
4/10/17 Requirement:
Maths: Skills A5/A6/A7 (A1-A4 if time)
English: A1 and J8
Begin to work on all Maths/English skills from Year 5 section to ensure the base skills are there.
11/10/17 Requirement:
Maths: Year 5 Skills A13 and D2
Year 6 E5, E6, B1 and B2English: Year 6 A7, C9, C10, C11
18/10/17 Requirement:
Maths: Year 6: C12 and D2, C13-18 (Choose your challenge), D3/D4 or D10/D11 (choose)English: Year 6: J5, M9, B1, B2Optional:
*Practice any work around the 4 operations
*Practice any new grammar
1/11/17 Requirement
Maths: Year 6: L1 and L2
Y4/Y5/Y11English: Year 6: B7/B8
*Any Geometric work from Y4 and Y5
*Practice any new grammar
6/11/17 Requirement: Maths: Year 6: J1, J4, J6 and J7/8
English: Year 6: J6/J7, G1/G2/G3Optional: *Any Fraction work from Y4 and Y5
*Practice any new grammar
17/11/17 Requirement: Maths: Year 6: J8/J10/J13/J14 (Fractions)
English: Year 6: D11/D12 present/past progressive, E5/56 adjectives/adverbs


Maths: Year 6: J9 (Fractions) X3/X4/X5/X6/X7 (angles)

English: Year 6: D7/D8 regular/irregular past tense, D13 choosing between past/past progressive

Optional: *Any further fraction work from previous years *Practice any new grammar

 1/12/17  Requirement:

Maths: Year 6: O1/O2/O3/O4/O5 (percentages)

English: Year 6: C2/C3/C5 (pronouns), M1/M3 (Synonyms/Antonyms)


*Any further percentages work from previous years

*Practice any new grammar

8/12/17 Requirement:
Maths: Year 6: T2/T3 (line graphs), T4/T8/T9 (bar graphs), T14 (pie charts)
English: Year 5: H1/H2/H3/H4 (subordinating and co-ordinating-FANBOYS conjunctions), Year 5: N13 (Homophones).Optional:
*Any further data/graphs work from previous years
*Practice any new grammar
week of 11-15 December and holidays Requirement:
Working on practicing for the English Speaking Board that will take place in January 2018.
All children have a folder to practice from
*Memorising their poems
*Practicing their readings (with expression)
Have a lovely break

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