Parent’s survey

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to all of you that took the time to complete the Carlton Primary School Parent Survey 2017. We had 34 responses, from 34 different families. Your views really matter to us, and it’s so important to hear what you think about our school.

Congratulations to the winner of the £25 voucher: the family of Mohammed and Rayaan Bakhshi.

What you think we do well:
We were really pleased that 97% of respondents would recommend Carlton Primary School to another parent.

100 % of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that
• My child feels safe at school
• My child is well looked after at school
• The school is a welcoming and pleasant place to visit
• I know how my child is doing in school
• The school is well-led and managed

Over 95% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that:
• The school communicates effectively with me – 97%
• The school environment helps my child to learn – 97%
• My child is learning well and making good progress – 97%
• Teachers treat my child respectfully and fairly – 97%
• The School makes sure that pupils are well behaved-97%

An area where parents felt we could improve were:
• Improved communication with parents around how the school deals with bullying incidents (3 families replied that they did not know)

Alongside the many positive comments, the ‘helping us to get better’ comments reflected the areas above. The school’s response and actions are listed below:

PARENT/CARER COMMENT: I feel the school could improve on the standardisation of ensuring all children wear the correct uniform, as it is a sign of respect and encourages responsibility.(1 family’s response)
WHAT WE ARE DOING: We feel the same, and there will be clearer guidelines for all parents and students around the school uniform published in September 2017. This will all be shared via our website, school newsletter and in each class’s “Meet the Teacher” session. At the same time though, we want to work together with parents to ensure this happens and support families where at times this is a challenge.



I believe that teachers should give students more homework to do and more school projects.(1 family’s response)


WHAT WE ARE DOING: At the start of each term, children are given a list of potential “Home Learning Projects” that are statutory to complete within the term. This is learning designed to be done at home, either independently or collaborating with other family members.
Additionally, this year there will be further opportunities for home learning online (this will be shared with parents in the Autumn Term)
PARENT/CARER COMMENT: I am concerned about the amount of parents around the school gate smoking and with dogs. It paints a bad picture of Carlton and makes others feel unwelcome. (2 family’s responses)

At Carlton, we want to ensure that we reflect positively upon the local community. We have long had a “No Smoking” policy for outside the school gates and animals are not allowed on the school premises. To tackle this concern further, the Senior Leadership Team and Site Services Officer will monitor the gate area more frequently and meet parents/families where needed.


PARENT/CARER COMMENT: It would be good if the school has more language clubs, like French. (1 response)
WHAT WE ARE DOING: We agree that this is a gap in our extended provision. A few years back we had several language clubs at Carlton, but most were subsequently cancelled due to low attendance. If there is enough interest, there is no reason why we cannot attempt to set up a club for Autumn Term.
First we will need to complete an audit of staff to find someone who is willing to facilitate the club; if not then other options can be explored (though the cost of bringing in a teacher would certainly factor into the cost of the club). Parents will be notified about clubs for the Autumn during the second week of September. If this is not possible for Autumn Term, then we will look at Spring Term 2018.


School Awards

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“The school is very nice and the adults are very caring”

Ismail, Year 6

“There are many fun and interesting lessons”

Anika, Year 6

“Carlton is very helpful: I learnt English in less than 3 months!”

Paul, Year 6

“Carlton Primary School is a great place to achieve an excellent career and future.”

Sufi, Year 6

“Carlton is a really enjoyable school with lots of fun lessons”

Maesha, Year 6
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